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Inverell is a beautiful country town located in the New England region of NSW, approximately 5 hours drive from Sydney. Its known for its excellent fishing, renowned golf course and as the gateway to various national parks. The hospital here is relatively small with just 70 beds but provides comprehensive medical care including 24 hour emergency, general medicine and surgery, aged care services and more.

There are many reasons why working as a locum doctor at Inverell District Health Service would be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Some of the local attractions that make Inverell such a great place to live and work include:

1) War Memorial Park A beautifully landscaped park commemorating those who have served in wars throughout history. The park has walking tracks, picnic areas and BBQ facilities making it perfect for enjoying on your days off!

2) Goobang National Park Just outside of Inverell lies this massive national park which is perfect for camping, hiking, mountain biking and exploring nature. With over 200km of trails there's something here for everyone!

3) Golf Club If you're into golf then you'll be spoilt for choice with two championship 18 hole courses available at the Inverell Golf Club




ED CMO. On-site path but only xray. Unsupported nursing staff in ED (some good - most I would never want to work with). Did anaesthetics as well but got lumbered with ED as well. Beware.

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