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Vacancy at Casino & District Memorial Hospital

4 · Casino & District Memorial Hospital


Emergency Registrar

Casino & District Memorial Hospital

$145.00 per hour

Jan 13 to Jan 21


The Casino and District Memorial Hospital is a 60-bed facility that offers medical and surgical services. It is located in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia. This area is known for its beautiful beaches, rainforests, and diverse wildlife.

Casino has a warm climate all year round which makes it perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, surfing, and more. There are also several restaurants to choose from when you want to grab a bite to eat. And if you're looking for some entertainment after hours, there are plenty of bars to keep you busy.

Working at Casino and District Memorial Hospital means that you would be able to provide care for patients in one of the most scenic areas in Australia. You would also have access to some of the best facilities and equipment available. To date they offer 3 main operating theatres with recovery bays plus associated procedural rooms serviceable by 5 staffing grades including our regular visiting Medical Officers positions.


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ED res

October 2022

Worked at the ED here for a month as an RMO. Small ED with welcoming and skilled nursing staff. There’s a different FACEM each day from Lismore and they’re generally friendly and supportive. Only docs are the RMO and FACEM so it can be overrun at times but other times nothing to do! The town was still suffering a lot from the floods when I was there - a lot of GP issues came through as the GPs were overrun and not taking in more patients. Lots of social / housing issues resulting in health problems. There was trouble finding accommodation for me (ended up in a motel) but the admin staff are generally helpful and communicate well. The ward doctor was off with COVID when I was around so I was often asked to review ward patients which was fine but difficult when the ED was overrun.